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Diary of an angry Nigerian girl: Cultism

Dear Diary, I know it has been a while, but today I found out about something that made me very sad. So last week I met this very nice guy, although he was not my type of guy (cause I am into fair guys) I was very attracted to him. He had a nice house, a well-paid job and a good ride (not that it is important to me anyway). He has been asking me out and I thought I should give him a chance, but I found out he is a cultist which threw me off balance, I have not had a good experience with people who belong to a cult group. Let me tell you a story.

Rubbing minds: Does Office Romance do more harm than good in the workplace?

Love according to Cambridge dictionary is the feeling of liking another adult very much and being romantically and otherwise attracted to them. Love can be found anywhere, it can be love in schools, parties, church, office, etc, but today we will be talking about love found in the office/work environment

How can a man make a woman happy without money?

So I stumbled on this particular question while perusing through my twitter timeline, posted by a Social media strategist - @ceentyarh, asking what it takes for a man to make a woman happy without money in a relationship.

Rubbing Minds: Family Vs Love of life – whom to choose?

It has been a long-time debate and issue when it comes to choosing between one's family or lover. A lot of the time, family members are mostly not in good terms with their relative's lover or life partner which can cause a huge problem for the people involved.