Lady reveals how her Ex-Lover burnt down her house and business over disagreement

Lady reveals how her Ex-Lover burnt down her house and business over disagreement
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In a shocking revelation, a Nigerian woman identified as Chichi has shared a harrowing story of how her life took a terrifying turn when her ex-lover, Jeff, allegedly burned down her newly built house and business.Lady's Ex-Lover Burns Down Her House and Business over engagement

Chichi, who had been living a successful and independent life, disclosed how her life took a devastating turn after ending her engagement with a man named Jeff.

Back in 2018, Chichi was thriving – running her own bar and restaurant, owning her car, and in the midst of finishing her dream home.

It was a picture-perfect life until she met Jeff, who was an engineer working on her construction project. His charming demeanor eventually won her over, and the two embarked on a relationship.

However, as their relationship progressed, differences emerged. One major point of contention was where they would live after marriage.

Chichi had a spacious 4-bedroom bungalow, while Jeff resided in a modest one-bedroom apartment. When Jeff insisted he wouldn’t move into her house, Chichi made the difficult decision to call off the engagement.

Little did she know that this would trigger a series of terrifying events. Jeff, feeling disgraced by the broken engagement, made a chilling threat against her. Chichi, not taking the threat seriously, continued with her life.

The Tragic Day:

On the fateful day of June 15, 2020, Chichi was away from home, celebrating her upcoming birthday. Early in the morning, she received a call from a concerned neighbor, informing her that her house was engulfed in flames.

Panicked and in tears, she implored her neighbor to call the fire service, but it was too late. By the time the firefighters arrived, her house had been reduced to ashes.

The Mysterious Call:

Later that same day, Chichi received a chilling call from an unknown number, which she recognized as her ex, Jeff.

He menacingly declared, “I told you I’d deal with you,” before abruptly hanging up. The shock and fear left Chichi speechless.

Seeking Justice:

Realizing the gravity of the situation, Chichi swiftly returned to her base and reported the incident to the police.

She filed a petition against her ex, accusing him of setting her house ablaze. However, despite her strong belief that Jeff was responsible, she lacked concrete evidence to link him to the crime. Consequently, he was released, as there was no case against him.

A Second Tragedy:

Just a week later, another calamity struck. Chichi’s bar and restaurant mysteriously went up in flames.

The origins of the fire remained a baffling enigma, adding to her trauma and despair. The relentless torment pushed her to the brink of depression, and she even contemplated taking her own life.

The New Beginning:

Unable to cope with the torment and fearing for her safety, Chichi made the difficult decision to sell her car and relocate to Lagos, putting physical distance between her and the person she believed to be behind these horrifying incidents.

The words, “I’ll deal with you,” are now etched in her memory as a haunting reminder of the ordeal she faced.

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