suspected notorious Armed Robber

Youths apprehend suspected notorious Armed Robber in Rivers

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One Nede, a suspected notorious Armed Robber has been apprehended by Youths from Eleme Youth Council in Rivers state.suspected notorious Armed Robber

The Youths mobilised and nabbed the suspect, an alleged renowned criminal suspected of robbing passers-by and scaring the Alesa community in Eleme Local Government Area of the state.

According to a source, the youths went in pursuit of the suspected notorious Armed Robber on Thursday morning after hearing that he used a machete to inflict significant slashes on a fisherman for unknown reasons and then fled.

Hitvibz gathered that he was caught by a combined squad led by the Alesa Youth Council and the Eleme Youth Council, and has been handed over to the Eleme Police Division for further investigation, according to .

Nede was allegedly captured with a weapon at the refinery crossroads two years ago, when an enraged mob stripped him and set him on fire.

He was claimed to have escaped the fire because several of his sympathizers used water to put it out.

Nothing had been heard from him after that episode, according to an eyewitness, until tales of his meeting with the fisherman surfaced on Thursday morning.


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