Asa returns to music scene with new banging love song, ‘Mayana’

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Asa is back to the music scene as she releases a new hot global single titled ‘Mayana’ for your listening pleasure.Asa - Mayana

The new single from the Nigerian-French singer is a conventional love tune in which she expresses her devotion to her partner.

She sang, “I will be your Mayana, nothing but our love,” to reaffirm her love for her beloved.

“Our love will never fail, we will live here together, You and me my forever,” Asa sang on the single.

With her careful choice of words for the lyrics of ‘Mayana,’ it’s clear to assume Asa is over over heels in love.

The singer is regarded as one of the most accomplished female artists on the planet.

She has established a reputation for herself in the Nigerian music industry, and her name has been inscribed among the world’s most respected songstresses.

While you wait for the video to premiere later today, on Friday, December 3, 2021, listen to Asa – Mayana above.


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