The TAG Break Out Of The Month playlist for January

TAG Break Out Of The Month playlist for January

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The Artiste Guide (TAG) is a home for future superstars to come and learn, relate, connect, promote, and grow together on their journey to SUCCESS. Join us as we present Break Out Of The Month Playlist (January 2023 edition).The TAG Break Out Of The Month playlist for January

TAG is the first music community with a FAMILY BOND and SUPPORT POWER in Nigeria.

Amongst its several ways of promoting future stars, The Break Out Of The Month playlist is a monthly playlist that focusses on supporting and promoting really gifted emerging artistes.

#BreakOutOfTheMonth playlist (January 2023)

1. Vivid – Xpress

From the very first set of sounds you hear, you’re already feeling some type of way and one thing is running through your mind…hot steamy music! Vivid is ironically a song of profession of affection. A solid 8/10 in terms of writing and arrangements.

2. Skiidoye – Wickedest Luv

Ashawo geng stand up! This song is definitely a bop for the free spirited folks and will be a great addition to tlof tlof playlists if you know what I mean. I mean, this song will make you think things and put you in the mood to do things (wink). A beautiful 8/10.

3. Gida Hills – Rock with you

The playlist is already on a roll with this no miss start. Another jam for the other room, rock with you is the perfect upbeat song that can help set a certain mood. A strong 8/10.

4. Jugo Aces – Let me love you

I love the delivery on this jam. Jugo Aces’ voice carries the emotions and the backup vocals just makes everything come together to create a beautiful record. The guitar sounds at the end are to live for. It’s an 8/10

4. Chemmie – Baby

Baby rolls in and takes us back into our feelings. Snaps us into thinking about our favorite relationship and how beautifully it started and how we longed for our partner everytime. Chemmie’s vocals carry the emotions almost too well. It’s a strong 8/10!

5. Maxee – Like This

Sweet Melodies and intentional lyrics always gets the job done. What’s more is how the falsettos go harder than Nigeria’s situation. It’s an 8/10.

6. Wale Oguns – Anti Social

A different feeling. A different taste of poetry and deep pen. A different special vocal energy. It gets an 8/10.

6. Top9ine – Let me go

This song made me feel like I need to find whoever sang it, and give her all of my life savings. On a serious note though, her vocals got me feeling a special type of way. Music made in heaven. A 9/10!

7. Rhagetti – Doh

Grooving and soft body movements is the visual representation of this song. The melodies are moving my muscles involuntarily and I love it. A strong 7/10.

8. Josh Kamba – Gbemilo

I can’t really place the sound but it feels familiar. Aggressive vocals with soft backups to blend it with. A 7/10.

9. Jesse Kallamu – Peng

The chorus makes me feel like I can sing along to it at first listen. The song feels beautiful and cohesive. A strong 7/10.

10. Zikiwe – Happy birthday

Can we introduce this song into Nigeria’s library and sing it to every Nigerian celebrating their birthdays? The generic birthday song is becoming boring and we don’t know what to do while hearing it anylonger. Zikiwe the next Ben Odiase. A 7/10.

11. Sinachi – Ole

Classic trap song. The flows on the beat are exactly what you’d expect and the chorus is catchy too. A 7/10.

12. OBlast – Pile up

This song reminds me of the old school afrobeat music. The kind Wizkid used to make. Proper flaunt music. If you loved early Wizkid music then you’ll see the treasure in this bop. An 8/10.

13. Olamilekan – Cloud 9

Here’s a jam for 420 guys. It has a straightforward message… No need for too much talk. It’s a 7/10.

14. Murda – Skidee

Murda gives off a kind of vibe you want to resonate with when you’re alone with your babe. It’s the regular afrobeat love song you don’t get enough of. A pretty 7/10.

15. Shane Kado – Into you

What I love the most about this song is the perfect use of the choral effect at the right places. It feels like a call and response. An 8/10

16. Stunner Boy BD – Bella

Classic new school afrobeat bop. The no stress delivery is to look out for. For a 3 minutes+ long afrobeat song, it doesn’t get boring in the long run. A 9/10.

17. Promzy – Abobby

Streeeet! Promzy’s flow with his native language doesn’t even make you care if you understand what he’s saying or not…. You just vibe along. An 8/10.

18. Chigo OWB – Secure the Bag

Perfect follow up song for abobby. The vibe is so hardcore, you could snap your neck while vibing along to it. A solid 8/10.

19. Shinzu – Toxic

Shinzu came in with that foreign rap vibe that we exalt above our own many times and didn’t flop on the delivery. The lyricism on this song goes harder than a determined fellow grinding his way out of the hood. A 9/10.

21. Boy count – Gratitude

There’s a beautiful image that comes to mind when listening to this bop. The rapper did it 100% justice and the main act didn’t let loose either. An 8/10.

22. Savy Henry – The Best part

My soul dropped and I could see myself flowing with the music as soon as the song started to play. At that point, I just wanted to relax and be taken care of by the music. It’s a song that speaks to the soul. I’m going to stay true to what I’m feeling right now and give this a 9/10.

21. Sharon Pam – Bad Energy

Sharon Pam’s voice is built for the genre of this song. It’s a beautiful song but something feels missing and I can’t place my finger on it just yet. Worth a listen. A strong 7.

22. Jvbal – Udorji Sunset

I once saw a tweet that said people don’t appreciate actual music anymore because we all just sing along to the voice over the background music composition and this song just made me think that tweet had a point. A 7/10

The #BreakOutOfTheMonth playlist comes through every month, emerging artistes can submit their recent songs to [email protected] or send a WhatsApp message to 09058935157.

Curated by The Artiste Guide
Available on Audiomack & Spotify

Author: Temidayo Olabiwonninu
(For The Artiste Guide)

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