The Artiste Guide BreakOutOfTheMonth – July 2023 Playlist Review

The Artiste Guide BreakOutOfTheMonth – July 2023 Playlist Review

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Welcome to The Artiste Guide (TAG), BreakOutOfTheMonth – July 2023 Playlist Review, a platform where future superstars come to learn, connect, promote, and grow together on their journey to stardom.The Artiste Guide BreakOutOfTheMonth – July 2023 Playlist Review

Discover our monthly BreakOutOfTheMonth playlist, dedicated to promoting talented emerging artists.

This July ’23 edition promises a blissful musical journey from start to finish, soothing and captivating your senses.


1. S33D – Fugazzi: S33D delivers a superstar performance with a blend of captivating melodies and coherent lyricism. A proper bop deserving a strong 9.

2. Basil ft 4Korners – Come Alive: These artists complement each other beautifully, creating a hit song with different melodies and enchanting vocalization. A solid 9.

3. Zoric – Bestie: Zoric’s song explores the insecurities of a romantic partner having a close relationship with an ex disguised as a best friend with benefits. The emotional story behind the song is a powerful 8.

4. DOTTi The Deity – Pamisaye: This alternative song offers a fresh breath of air with captivating production and vocal delivery. DOTTi The Deity’s personality shines through, reminiscent of prime Brymo. A 9.

5. Adams Rae – Introverted: Prepare to be enthralled by the captivating vocals and outstanding lyrics of this song. It’s a perfect 10, leaving a lasting impression from the first 20 seconds.

6. MUIS – Saati Ramoni: Experience spiritual nostalgia with MUIS’s mesmerizing melodies and thought-provoking lyrics. A very strong 9, taking you on a memorable ride.

7. Psycho YP ft King Perry – Stand Attention: A true masterpiece showcasing the musical talents of Psycho YP and King Perryy. A captivating blend of unique sounds from the “Osapa London (Album).” A 9.

8. No1Again – Situationship: This lovable song displays the artist’s versatility with a captivating hook and dope rap verse. A strong 8, highlighting their skills.

9. Tushow – Quality love: The song brings a South-African/Ghanaian Afro vibe, with an easy-going instrumental and energetic vocal delivery. An 8 that’ll get you grooving.

10. Eastern Vybz – MUMU: A powerful song about the downsides of love, expressed through lovely melodies and raw emotions. A 9, resonating with those who’ve experienced heartbreak.

11. Crayon ft Victony, KTIZO- Belle full: These three artists create magic together, delivering new and engaging melodies. A 9, showcasing their creativity.

12. 62D9 – Life of the party: Embrace the nostalgic rap vibe of Olamide and Reminisce from the early 2010s. A strong 9, applauding the memorable delivery.

13. Young John – Sharpally: The champion of Afrobeat sounds treats you to vibrant vibes and captivating melodies. A 9, celebrating his talent on the center stage.

14. Dammylion – Oshey: This bop tune is reminiscent of Kizz Daniel pro max, offering economy-defying lyricism and a comedic outro. A creative tune deserving a 10.

15. Tizzy Flowz – Never stoppin: Tizzy Flowz’s rap song brims with emotions delivered like a vocalist. A strong 9, inspiring you to achieve your dreams.

16. Omah Lay – Reason: A perfect piece of art, Omah Lay’s conscious and melodic song invites deep thinking with happy melodies. A flawless 10.

17. Oxlade ft Dave – IntOXYcated: Oxlade and Dave deliver an eargasmic blend of sounds, with Oxlade’s vocals shining through. A strong 9, showcasing their talent.

18. Asake – Sunshine: Asake’s “Sunshine” is a mesmerizing tune from the album “Work Of Art,” showcasing his talent as a songwriter. A captivating masterpiece deserving a 10.

19. Flexer SE – Mind: A sensational vocal delivery from a debut act on all platforms. The flow feels good, earning a very strong 8.

20. Chemmi – Jeje: Emotions flow through each melody in this beautifully written and applaudable song. A 9, capturing different feelings.

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