The Artiste Guide #BreakOutOfTheMonth (July Edition) Review

The Artiste Guide #BreakOutOfTheMonth (July Edition) Review
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The Artiste Guide (TAG) is a home for future superstars to come and learn, relate, connect, promote and grow together on their journey to SUCCESS as we present the #BreakOutOfTheMonth.The Artiste Guide #BreakOutOfTheMonth (July Edition) Review

It’s the first Music Community with a FAMILY BOND and SUPPORT POWER in Nigeria.

Amongst it’s several ways of promoting future stars, The #BreakOutOfTheMonth Playlist is a monthly playlist that majors on promoting extremely talented emerging artistes.

#BreakOutOfTheMonth playlist (July Edition)

The Break out of the month (July Edition) playlist comes with a bundle of emotions, the entire playlist is curated in a way such that it lures it’s listeners into different moods that becomes a therapeutic experience.

It starts with a calm tune that puts one in the mood to sit back and relax, then it rolls into the mash-up of ecstatic genres.

Miami by ItzFlexer

As intended, the playlist has @Itzflexer’s on the front roll with his new single titled Miami. Miami is a song that talks about love and reliability, @Itzflexer says “Call on me Call on me, when you need somebody”.

His soothing vocals laced with a low bpm instrumental formed into an amazing tune. A 9/10.

Galadima by Stargiboi

Galadima by @Stargiboi upped the tempo a bit as a second track on the Playlist. But, the message is also similar to the first, Love.

The arrangement of Galadima makes it appealing and pleasuring imaginarily. A top notch record. 8/10

Senator by Meenark

I can bet you that the hook of “Senator” by Meenark is the best you’ve heard in years. An infectious tune that leaves you bopping your head while you chew to it’s simple lyrics.

“She leave me follow big senator, I don get money now she don show” Meenark sings on the chorus.

To wrap it up as a smash hit, there’s a sarcastic side to it. This is a must listen for you. A 10.

Now it’s get switched up, let’s go.

Roxanne by Alan ward

Alan ward comes through with an hip hop joint, he titles it Roxanne. Hard on the beat, smooth with the words and irresistible with his attitude. The hip hop community is proud of this. Now I’d like to ask, what’s the meaning Roxanne!? 8/10.

Kokoka by VRSD

Yoruba on a drill beat with a mad ass attitude. Ah! VRSD ft Oluwamiller on a song titled Kokoka is amazing. +234 is taking over the world. Even if you’re owing rent, Kokoka will get you dancing and vibing while you sought for funds. kudos to the producer. A 9/10.

Feeling Good by Yuzeski

Yuzeski “Feeling Good” is the right track to follow up Kokoka on the playlist. it keeps the party going and the girls away from their phones. A mix of yoruba and English makes the lyrics easy too. The Shekere stands out in the instrumental too. 8/10.

The Random space:

Ressurection by Promzy

Promzy makes you love indigenous rap music with his come back single titled RESSURECTION. Hard asf. When you jump on Majorbangz produced beat, we expect nothing but the best. Promzy delivered them groceries intact. 9/10

African by Jamie Micheals

African by Jamie Micheals is a smooth blend of Rnb and blues, it’s that “wine and dine” music you got to have for late night doings. 8/10

Godspeed by Nathan Walid

Call it Abstract. Call it different. whatever the name you call it, Electronic Dance Music is here to stay. Nathan Walid is flying it’s flag high with his single titled Godspeed. An electrifying and unpredictable sound that keeps you guessing on what will come next. Amazing. 8/10

The second switch, Let’s continue:

Chocolate by The playmakers

Chocolate is a song by the boy band called The Playmakers. It leads the evolution of the #BOOTM playlist into a different mood.

The chorus of Chocolate is it’s selling point. “Cho cho late o, My baby come and take it o” they sang. The hook and chorus is standard, it p 8/10.

Gender by Dixxie

Listening to “Gender” by Dixxie will paint a clear picture of the difference that exists between genders in your mind. It’s a self empowering song and it slaps hard. 7/10

Don’t break me by Clevo

Clevo is a hit maker. This time he comes through with “Don’t break me”, the song explains what true love is and how getting your heartbroken can be a “wahala”. 7/10.

Check by The OG

Check by The OG deserves to be on the #BOOTM playlist, it’s that kind of song that silently grows on you without your permission. Guys permit to say that this is an “Ashawo” song, Gen Z’s will vibe to this. “Gurl I need you body on check” The OG sings. 9/10.

The OG closes the second phase, then the #BOOTM switches again:

Voices by Atee Sole

Atee sole “Voices” is just perfect. This song as the spirituality to bless your mornings and ease your stress at nights. Song is so inspirational, Atee Sole covers the #BOOTM playlist (July Edition) artwork.

As the playlist approaches It’s end, Voices takes us back in thoughts, teaches us to show gratitude for life. A 10.

As I Walk by Steevane

Last but not the Least on List (God! see rhymes), As I walk by Steevane is amazing. The cords, vocals, lyrics and emotions soaks you in deep thoughts. Thank you Steevane, this is a blessing. A 10.

The #BreakOutOfTheMonth playlist comes through every month, emerging artistes can submit their recent songs to [email protected] or send a WhatsApp message on 09058935157. (@ArtisteTAG)

Written by Daniel Scott Eleh.
Socials: @_daniellscott


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