Break Out Of The Month Playlist (November edition)

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The Artiste Guide (TAG) is a home for future superstars to come and learn, relate, connect, promote, and grow together on their journey to SUCCESS as we present Break Out Of The Month.Break Out Of The Month Playlist (November edition)

TAG is the first music community with a FAMILY BOND and SUPPORT POWER in Nigeria.

Amongst its several ways of promoting future stars, The #BreakOutOfTheMonth playlist is a monthly playlist that majors on promoting extremely talented emerging artistes.

#BreakOutOfTheMonth playlist (November edition)

The Break Out Of The Month playlist for the month of November by The Artiste Guide is themed “Displaying gratitude and having fun while at it”.

The playlist aims to set you in a mood where you feel like you can do anything you set your mind to do and at the same time make you value what you have been able to achieve so far in life.

Delving into a variety of topics and moods, It’s the type of playlist you want to listen to when you’re relaxed and don’t want to be bothered by any of life’s drama.

Aseyori by Wadofizzy

Aseyori is a slow-tempo song that basically sets the tempo for the whole playlist. The song passes strong messages on fulfilling one’s destiny and becoming successful.

The song is set to make you feel like you’re in a church and any prayers you say shall be answered. The effort put into the writing is evident. An 8.

Winner by Elem C

Winner coming on second to the first song on the playlist is like saying amen after a prayer. It is a song about affirmations and is that song you can go to when you feel like you need an extra push to get things done.

It can make you feel invincible. The song has catchy hooks that will stick with you even after just one listen. An 8.

Jeje (afrovibe) by FEEMOH

Jeje takes a step out of the motivational vibe and sets us into a reminiscent mood. That type of feeling an Omah Lay’s song about handling life’s ups and down can throw you into.

It highlights some societal/interpersonal relationship issues and offers some escape mechanisms to help cope with those norms. An 8.

Mumu button by Olamilekan

This song takes us into the love zone. It describes a typical romantic situation between one genuine lover and another person who they have taken as their love interest.

Mumu button is a plea to a love interest not to betray the love they share. It is a beautifully written song and very easy to sing along to. A 9.

Simp Riddim by Gida Hills

Almost flipping the narrative of the preceding song, simp riddim is set to make you die for a love that might not even deserve you. Staying true to its title, simp riddim is that song that encapsulates what it takes to be a proper simp for love.

The song flows with a bumpy feeling and can take you down memory lane to when you were freshly introduced to the love game. The hooks and choruses are rich in catchy quotables that will stick with you quickly. A 9.

Mawu by Toyin D

Toyin D switches the vibe and takes us into the bop mode where he leans into the soft boy party lifestyle mode on a slow tempo beat. The log drums do the trick and the already easy-to-remember lyrics stick faster. A 7.

Joyless by Eko.g 

This song takes us into the let’s-think-about-life mood. It highlights points about how the average youth has little to no joy because of the happenings around them.

The chorus is catchy but the lyrical content is even better. The rap verse fairly attempts to do justice to the message the song aimed to pass across. A 9.

Kolomental by D3ker

Anyday you hear, “covers can not sound as good as (or better than) the original song”, this is an example of a song you can use to counter that take. D3ker brilliantly did justice to the rendition and blew my mind with the twist he had on the chorus.

I might be too excited about how the song makes me feel but the lyricism is even crazier and is so raw on facts. A very brilliant pen game and its relation to real life makes this one of my favorites from the playlist. A 10.

Billie Billie by Diimon

If this song had been released during the peak of the “stingy men association” movement, I feel like it would have been their anthem because of the core message of the song.

Thankfully, it doesn’t come directly after Simp riddim so the mind is not stressed with which narrative to hold on to in a short period. An 8.

In Love by Givens

If you think of someone while listening to this track, then you’re probably truly in love with that person. Not me tho, love has shown me where but I know how this is making me feel right now and I only imagine it would be even more beautiful for people who are still in the love game. A 10.

Paradise by B E N N Y

A song of promise of soft life to a prospective lover. You know you can’t go wrong with a rap verse on a love song. The chemistry was electric on this song. Pick up lines and love quotes fill this song up. A proper love song. An 8.

Sensual Feelings by Ficki Dorah

You might be reminded of the song writing of Omah Lay’s yeyeye when listening to this track. She subtly sprinkles erotic innuendos and slyly describes sexcapades with erotic intentions.

This is one of those songs you want on your personal sex playlist. It’s easy to learn due to the long hook. An 8.

Hustler’s anthem by Jose Jarren

It’s only right to end on the same page you started. The general message is similar to aseyori. There’s a decent effort put into the writing but the backups are fire. A 7.

Writer: Temidayo Olabiwonninu

(For The Artiste Guide (TAG))

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