8 million youths complete voter registration ahead of 2023 polls

8 million youths complete voter registration ahead of 2023 polls

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According to a report released on Monday by the Independent National Electoral Commission, approximately eight million Nigerian youths managed to complete the recently finished Continuous Voter Registration process.8 million youths complete voter registration ahead of 2023 polls

In the approaching elections, the youth demographic has been cited as a key deciding factor, and INEC’s data appears to support this claim.

10,487,972 new registrants and 12,298,944 people who had already completed their registration, according to INEC.

The commission revealed that out of these figure, 8,784,677 were made up of youth.

Nigerians have been cautioned by INEC not to fall for scams involving websites that advertise voter registration.

In a statement penned by National Commissioner Festus Okoye, INEC declared that the process of continuously registering voters for the general elections of 2023 is complete.

The statement reads;

Barely 24 hours after the suspension of voter registration, the attention of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has been drawn to an online site urging Nigerians to enroll for ‘VOTER CARD (PVC)’ registration claiming that the Federal Government has approved individual VOTER CARD (PVC) registration online to avoid unnecessary crowd in the ‘NIMC’ CENTERS. The Commission states unequivocally that the site is not linked to the Commission and the link/portal is spurious and from a dubious source.”

The statement further states that;

The Independent National Electoral Commission is the only body constitutionally and legally mandated to conduct the registration of persons qualified to vote in any election in Nigeria and to update and revise the register when the need arises. The Commission is solely responsible for organizing, undertaking, and supervising national elections in the country and does not share this responsibility with anybody or organization. Members of the public are strongly advised not to succumb to the antics of online scammers and should avoid such fake sites. The Commission has concluded the Continuous Voter Registration exercise nationwide and does not need to open an additional site or portal for the purposes of registration of voters.”

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