Rivers Chief Judge releases 27 inmates, warn Magistrates

Rivers Chief Judge pardons over 27 inmates at correctional centre

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Rivers Chief Judge on Tuesday freed over twenty-seven inmates at the Port Harcourt Correctional Centre.Rivers Chief Judge releases 27 inmates, warn Magistrates

Justice Simeon Amadi, the Rivers State Chief Judge, released the convicts following a jail delivery at the Correctional Centre.

The Chief Judge also directed magistrates to refrain from remanding suspects in cases in which they have no jurisdiction.

More than 200 detainees were scheduled to be released by Justice Simeon Amadi, but the process was slowed by an increase in the number of missing files and a lack of legal guidance from the DPP.

To avoid such problems, he urged for collaboration between the Correctional Centre’s office, the police, and the DPP.

After their initial arraignment by police, the majority of the twenty-four male and three female inmates released were not taken to court.

However, after their released, they thanked the Chief Judge for his kindness and promised to stay out of trouble in the future.


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