Peter Obi Hails Nigerian Duo over Outstanding Cambridge Learner’s Awards

Peter Obi Hails Nigerian Duo over Outstanding Cambridge Learner’s Awards

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Peter Obi, has lauded the remarkable academic achievements of two young Nigerians, Miss Mmesoma Okonkwo and Miss Olubukola Adeyemi.Peter Obi Hails Nigerian Duo over Outstanding Cambridge Learner’s Awards

The duo earned global recognition for their exceptional performance in the 2022 Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge AS Level Examinations, respectively, securing the prestigious British Council Outstanding Cambridge Learner’s Awards.

These extraordinary young achievers, hailing from different corners of Nigeria, have truly shone on the international stage, cementing their names as beacons of excellence in academia.

Reports have highlighted the remarkable dedication and hard work exhibited by Miss Mmesoma Okonkwo and Miss Olubukola Adeyemi, which has not only brought honor to their families but has also placed Nigeria on the global educational map.

The Labour Party Presidential Candidate, known for his advocacy in fostering education and intellectual growth, congratulated both recipients for their exceptional achievements.

He emphasized the significant role played by their respective schools and dedicated teachers in nurturing their talents and guiding them towards greatness.

“I believe that through their achievements, many Nigerian students will be inspired to put more effort into their educational pursuits. I wish them well in their future endeavours and urge them to keep the flag flying,” Obi said.

The former Anambra Governor echoed the sentiment that the successes of these young minds will undoubtedly serve as a source of motivation for fellow students to strive for academic excellence.

Peter Obi’s commendation extended beyond the realm of academic accomplishments.

He underscored the importance of these bright young minds in shaping the trajectory of Nigeria’s development, particularly within a global context.

In the New Nigeria, our brilliant minds around the world will form very critical parts of our developmental journey,” he affirmed.

Peter Obi also praised Miss Mmesoma Okonkwo and Miss Olubukola Adeyemi for their resolute commitment to productive pursuits, highlighting their steadfastness in the face of negative influences that often derail many youths.

These two remarkable individuals have exemplified the values of dedication, integrity, and a thirst for knowledge, avoiding the pitfalls of substance abuse, cybercrimes, and unproductive consumerism.

In a resounding message of hope and inspiration, Peter Obi concluded, “These minds are among the foundations of our new Nigeria,” underscoring the pivotal role that these young achievers will play in building a brighter future for the nation.

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