Truth Hurts keep fans addicted to her songs with new single 'RnB Love'

Truth Hurts keep fans addicted to her songs with new single ‘RnB Love’

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Renowned for her 2002 hit ‘Addictive,’ R&B sensation TRUTH HURTS is back to captivate us once more with her latest single, ‘RnB Love,’ now available on various music platforms.Truth Hurts keep fans addicted to her songs with new single 'RnB Love'

‘Reveling in the soulful R&B of yesteryear, ‘RnB Love’ is Truth Hurts’ personal “musical diary” celebrating female empowerment.

The multi-talented singer, songwriter, and actress, TRUTH HURTS, wants her fans to remember that she’s still as “Addictive” as ever, and she proves it with her new single.

This track offers a tantalizing glimpse into her upcoming release, She-P #revelations, described as a “grown woman’s musical diary.”

Following her chart-topping single, ‘Addictive,’ and the album ‘Truthfully Speaking,’ Truth Hurts has collaborated with music icons like Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Lauryn Hill, and Outkast.

Stream + Download the new soulful R&B song HERE

She also graced us with her sophomore album, ‘Ready Now,’ released under Raphael Saadiq’s label, Pookie Entertainment.

In her own words, Truth Hurts shares her thoughts on ‘RnB Love’:

“RnB Love is a feel good joint I wrote to express my deep desire to get myself and the world back to what truly matters through the original meaning of Musick (Muse the Sick) — the way it was back in the day when you would hear a song that was so beautifully written lyrically and melodically, it would literally change your whole perspective, mood, and feeling about life and love depending on what the vibe of the song was.

She goes on to explain;

“I remember RnB that made me wanna be in love and made me want to be loved so penning this joint is my effort to get us back to love in the midst of so much pain, hate, and turmoil.

Fans can anticipate an unapologetically enlightened Truth, as she embarks on a journey back to her roots, emphasizing female empowerment and enlightenment.

After enduring heartbreak and making tough choices, this lioness in human form is finally finding her roar once again!

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