Women must know what they carry, every woman is an altar – Daily Manna

Women must know what they carry, every woman is an altar - Daily Manna
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Every woman is an altar and they are also an eternal portal, according to Dr. Chris Kwakpovwe’s Daily Manna Devotional, which formally encouraged women everywhere to be aware of the power they possess.Women must know what they carry, every woman is an altar - Daily Manna

There is something special about women, as Daily Manna recently revealed in their article “The Power Of A Woman And The Altar.” It stated that all women are altars and that only altars give blood in order to survive.

The article urged men to pay attention to the women in their lives and added that the type of altar they encounter will affect their life and vision. It emphasizes the fact that some holes are actually graves and not all holes are holes.

The full publication reads;

Every woman is an altar! Only altars give blood to stay alive. During her monthly flow, she bleeds 60 times a year….When deflowered, blood leaves her. During child bearing, blood leaves her.

You can’t come into contact with an altar and remain the same. During certain rituals, female private parts, female pants, etc, are used! Is it only women that have destinies? No! The men do but there’s something special about women.

Women are eternal portals! It’s only through women that life comes to the earth realm. The richest men and women of the world were born by women! Even our Lord Jesus couldn’t bypass the protocol according to the law of nature.

He was born by a woman! Buddha was born by a woman! Mohammed was born by a woman! Eckankar was born by a woman.

Adam fell by the hands of a woman! Samson lost focus on the laps of a woman! Even Elijah ran at the word of a woman!

The Holy Ghost is speaking to you prophetically today on the power of the woman in 2023! Women must know what they carry! Sin came to the world through a woman and God introduced Jesus through a woman.

Even the first person to carry the resurrection message of Christ was a woman, Mary Magdalene. Women are spiritual climate controllers.

When Israel needed a king, Hannah prayed! Be God’s kind of woman who wakes up in the morning and the devil says; “Oh no, she’s up again!” Every woman is an altar! The fulfilment of your vision depends on the altar of the woman you meet.

Potiphar’s wife was an altar that came to ruin Joseph’s vision but he fled. Delilah came as an altar to destroy Samson; he was carried away by lust and lost his vision.

Your life and vision depends on the kind of altar you meet. Not every hole is a hole, some are graves.

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