Obunku-Ugbo Ndoki Cultural Festival: Nwatam 2023

Obunku-Ugbo Ndoki Cultural Festival: Nwatam 2023
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The people of Obunku Ugbo in Ndoki land in Ukwa East local government area of Abia state were on Monday, January 2nd 2023 thrilled by their Nwatam masquerade.Obunku-Ugbo Ndoki Cultural Festival: Nwatam 2023

The residents of Obunku danced and chanted till their voices cracked due to the raucous screams, cheering and drums that filled the playground popularly known as Ama.Obunku-Ugbo Ndoki Cultural Festival

The iconic Obunku Ugbo Ndoki Nwatam captivated the enormous throng that had assembled to watch the event, igniting the passion and enthusiasm.Obunku-Ugbo Ndoki Cultural Festival: Nwatam 2023

Lovers, admirers and residents of Obunku were all ready for the festival, and they came in great numbers to participate as usual.Obunku-Ugbo Cultural Festival

The people of Obunku-Ugbo organized the “Nwatam,” festival, an annual cultural event, with the intention of conserving and promoting the traditional history of Ndoki people.Obunku-Ugbo Ndoki Cultural Festival

This wonderful festival, which usually takes place on January 2, was established in the early 1960s to mark the end of the previous year and the beginning of a new one.Obunku-Ugbo Ndoki Cultural Festival

The Obunku Ndoki Nwatam got underway very early in the morning, when male and female youths from the community marched out to neighboring communities to raise awareness.Obunku-Ugbo Ndoki Cultural Festival

They marched forward, singing and dancing like warriors who have just won a battle as they delight Obuohia, Akwete, Ohanso, and the rest of the communities. They all dressed in their various styles, each with a george wrapper around their waist.Obunku-Ugbo Ndoki Cultural Festival

They made their way to the playground (Ama) later in the evening, where they were all greatly entertained by the Nwatam masquerade.Obunku-Ugbo Ndoki Cultural Festival

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