Apex Zero releases ‘Seventh Dimension (on perspective) ft Moussa Dembele

Apex Zero releases 'Seventh Dimension (on perspective) ft Moussa Dembele
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“Seventh Dimension” (On Perspective) by Apex Zero featuring Moussa Dembele is the first track released from “Drummer Warrior Storyteller (Part Two)”. Apex Zero releases 'Seventh Dimension (on perspective) ft Moussa Dembele

Following on from Part 1, which was released in 2022, Apex worked with creative producer Steph Be and Muti Musafiri’s Village 101 Studios to interpret the album into an award-winning short film.

Listen to Apex Zero – Seventh Dimension HERE

Working with some of the world’s finest contemporary and hip-hop choreographers and dancers, the film won a Short Focus Film Festival audience award.

“Drummer Warrior Storyteller (Part One)” focused on the frustration, anger, alienation, and awareness caused by racism, its embedded structures, police/state violence, and the denial of opportunity.

The aim is to offer genuine solutions and open windows for future possibilities, as opposed to only highlighting the problems.

The latter goal is further explored in “Drummer Warrior Storyteller (Part Two),” striving to break from the image of the “struggling” black figure and exploring joy, love, and aspirations to live and grow despite society’s obstacles.

“Seventh Dimension (On Perspective)” starts the next stage of Apex Zero continuing to develop “Drummer Warrior Storyteller” as a living visual album.

Collaborating with brilliant, multidisciplinary artists, the album is made (so far) of films, paintings, metalwork, photography, costume design, drum circles, installation exhibitions, immersive theatre productions, and more.

The project has received two project grants from the Arts Council of England.

Apex is a powerful lyricist and cinematic storyteller with an insightful mind and eye, an unmatchable flow, atmospheric sound, and the ability to connect people to create multi-layered experiences and provoke change.

“Seventh Dimension (On Perspective)” features Malian singer and master Kora player Moussa Dembele poetically expresses Apex’s perception-shifting journey as he strives to focus less on the struggles of life and appreciate the beauty of existence in all its forms.

The lyrics of “Seventh Dimension (On Perspective)” were largely inspired by Apex’s journey to the Venezuelan Amazon, where he experienced the sacred Yopo ceremony of the Piaroa people under the guidance of Great Shaman Rufino Ponare.

In the spirit of “Drummer Warrior Storyteller,” the creativity inspired by “Seventh Dimension (On Perspective)” is not limited to music.

Apex worked with two long-standing collaborators, Chiba Visuals and Slim Yearwood, to create stunning visuals that signal the next phase of the living album’s visual element.

Apex’s style strives to retain the underlying themes of social and political issues over spellbinding instrumentals to match the beauty of how he articulates this in his lyricism.

In “Seventh Dimension (On Perspective),” Apex reflects on how his worldview has developed over the years in his creative and expressive lyricism, highlighting his skill as both an emcee and spoken word artist.

Watch Apex Zero – Seventh Dimension BELOW

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This impressive combination is balanced perfectly, acknowledging both the need to express his thoughts and the need to entertain and educate.

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