Apex Zero releases Drummer Warrior Storyteller Live

Apex Zero releases groundbreaking project “Drummer Warrior Storyteller”

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Multifaceted artist Apex Zero challenges conventional album norms with his groundbreaking project, “Drummer Warrior Storyteller.”Apex Zero releases Drummer Warrior Storyteller Live

This unique endeavor goes beyond music, aiming to bring Chinua Achebe’s storytelling concept to life, where the Drummer calls the people, the Warrior fights the war, and the Storyteller weaves these events into a historical tapestry, giving meaning to the survival of those who endure.

Focusing on African Caribbean perspectives, this album delves into the personal experiences of diasporic, migrant, and marginalized communities in London and beyond.

Part One | Music

It uses various art forms such as music, film, dance, photography, painting, metalwork, costume design, immersive experiences, and live performances to tell these stories.

In its most immersive form, “Drummer Warrior Storyteller” is presented as an art exhibition and theater production.

Each installation is tailored to its hosting venue, offering a dynamic and engaging experience.

Audiences can step into the universe of the album, either by experiencing it alone or participating in one of the interactive installations.

Installations have ranged from intimate film screenings to grand, immersive productions.

Part Two | Music

Since its inception, this project has received significant support from various media outlets, including GUAP, Daily Express, Wordplay Magazine, Voice Online, and Earmilk.

Apex Zero has also had the opportunity to discuss his journey in podcasts like “Say Your Mind” and “Yams & Yuca,” where he pays tribute to his ancestors.

Thanks to a second grant from Arts Council England, “Drummer Warrior Storyteller” was presented in its most complete form on October 29, 2022, at Rich Mix in East London.

This event was part of the Legacy 101: Spirit of the Village Festival 2022, celebrating the legacy of Black Excellence emerging from the creative renaissance movement Village 101.

The album came to life as an immersive installation exhibition and an engaging theater show as seen HERE.

It’s worth noting that the Legacy 101 Festival is making its return this October, with a series of events spread across London throughout the month, promising even more exciting and thought-provoking experiences.

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