Ganduje reveals why he desire to slap Kwankwaso

Ganduje reveals why he desire to slap Kwankwaso
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Former Kano State governor, Abdullahi Ganduje, recently shared the reasons behind his hypothetical desire to slap his predecessor, Rabiu Kwankwaso, if they had crossed paths at the Presidential Villa in Abuja.Ganduje reveals why he desire to slap Kwankwaso

During separate visits to the State House on Friday to meet with President Bola Tinubu, tensions rose between the two politicians.

Kwankwaso, who arrived first around 5:30 pm, was accused by Ganduje of spearheading the demolition of legally allocated structures in Kano, which had caused dissatisfaction among the local populace and the risk of religious tensions.

Although Ganduje acknowledged being aware of Kwankwaso’s presence, he clarified that they did not have a face-to-face encounter and slap him.

He humorously suggested that if such an encounter had occurred, a confrontation might have taken place.

In response, Kwankwaso referred to Ganduje as a puppet, alleging that he had been instrumental in his rise to power.

Kwankwaso defended his own actions, stating that during his campaign, he had pledged to reclaim school properties that had been encroached upon and sold indiscriminately.

He accused Ganduje of engaging in similar land sales when he served as governor. The newly elected governor, Abba Yusuf, has been demolishing structures built on unlawfully acquired lands since his inauguration on May 29.

Kwankwaso had previously served as the governor of Kano from 1999 to 2003 and from 2011 to 2015, with Ganduje as his deputy.

Ganduje succeeded Kwankwaso in 2015 and governed for two terms until May 29, 2023.

In the recent 2023 Governorship Election, Ganduje’s party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), failed to secure victory, and Kwankwaso’s son-in-law, Yusuf, emerged as the winner under the Nigeria National Peoples Party (NNPP).

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