PDP presidential candidate must serve interest of Nigerians, not rich few – Wike

PDP presidential candidate must serve interest of Nigerians, not rich few - Wike
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Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, the governor of Rivers state, has stated that the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP will not issue its presidential ticket to any candidate who will just serve the interests of the rich few in Nigeria.PDP presidential candidate must serve interest of Nigerians, not rich few - Wike

According to the governor, some desperate politicians are already plotting for a candidate who would serve the interests of the wealthy few rather than the many.

On Saturday, Governor Wike made the statement at a magnificent reception hosted by persons of Kalabari ethnicity at the Abalama School field in Asari Toru Local Government Area.

The Amayanabo of Abonnema, King Gboko Desreal Bob manuel, bestowed to the governor the traditional title of Se Ibidokibo of Kalabari country (He who works good for Kalabari people).

No amount of gang up can make PDP to give somebody who will want to run election for the interest of some big men, and not for all Nigerians. Anybody who wants to be candidate of PDP must be candidate for the interest of Nigerians,” Wike said.

He voiced worry that some businesses in the country continue to make annual financial profits despite the fact that the country’s economy is deteriorating, to the disadvantage of the people.

Governor Wike believes that such profits are always shared only by the few, making them richer while the rest of the country’s poor become poorer.

He stated again that Southern stakeholders will make a definitive statement regarding the presidential election in 2023.

The day the South will speak, Nigeria will shake. We believe in the unity of this country, but nobody can threaten us. Nobody should threaten us. We believe in the unity of Nigeria and unity of Nigeria must continue,” Wike said.

The governor mocked Rivers politicians in President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration for their failure to bring federal government projects to the state.

Governor Wike remarked that anyone is free to aspire to be the future governor of Rivers State, but that such a person must demonstrate capacity for the post and be willing to preserve the state’s interests.

He explicitly informed the Kalabari people that they had not done well in terms of loving themselves and working together.

Governor Wike stated that only a united people, speaking with an one voice, can make demands. As a result, he advised them to clean up their act.


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