N8,000 palliative is a lot for poor Nigerians - Governor Sule

N8,000 palliative is a lot for poor Nigerians – Governor Sule

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Nasarawa State Governor, Abdullahi Sule, has emerged as a strong proponent of the proposed N8,000 palliative offered by the Federal Government to alleviate the impact of fuel subsidy removal on poor Nigerians.N8,000 palliative is a lot for poor Nigerians - Governor Sule

Speaking on Channels Television’s Politics Today, Governor Sule expressed his disagreement with critics who argue that N8,000 is an insignificant sum for impoverished families.

In his compelling argument, Governor Sule recalled how his administration previously distributed N5,000 as palliatives, which proved to be a lifeline for countless individuals and households struggling to make ends meet.

He revealed that many families in Nasarawa State do not usually have the privilege of receiving such a substantial amount in a month.

Governor Sule emphasized that while N8,000 may not be perceived as a significant sum to certain segments of the population, it holds immense value for numerous impoverished families who have limited access to financial resources.

For those who were reliant on the previous N5,000 palliative, the additional N3,000 can make a meaningful difference in their lives.

During his interview, Governor Sule shed light on the positive impact of the N5,000 palliative in some communities, where residents pooled their contributions and generated considerable transformation within their localities.

He lauded the communal spirit and resourcefulness that emerged from such initiatives, demonstrating how collective efforts can yield impressive outcomes.

The Governor’s stance on the matter underscores the importance of accurately identifying and supporting the most vulnerable families in Nasarawa State.

He urged fellow leaders to collaborate in recognizing and assisting those in dire need of financial aid, ensuring that the palliative reaches the hands of those it was designed to help.

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