Nigerian Man reveals how he Secured First Car in Canada for Just $5k

Nigerian Man Reveals How He Acquired His First Car in Canada for Just $5k

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In a recent revelation on social media, a Nigerian man, simply known as Mr. Bricklayer, has shared his extraordinary journey of obtaining his very first car in Canada for just $5k during his first week in the country.Nigerian Man reveals how he Secured First Car in Canada for Just $5k

This remarkable story sheds light on his path to success and the resilience that has brought him to where he is today.

The story began when he landed in Canada on a Friday and promptly commenced his work the following Monday.

Eager to establish himself in his new home, he wasted no time in visiting a local bank to open an account.

When the bank officials reviewed his employment letter, the branch manager took a keen interest and summoned him.

During the meeting, the manager inquired if he had a car, to which the man responded in the negative.

Recognizing the impending Canadian winter and understanding the importance of reliable transportation, the bank manager went above and beyond to assist.Nigerian Man reveals how he Secured First Car in Canada for Just $5k

Without hesitation, he issued an unsecured loan draft for $5,000 to the determined newcomer.

With the loan in hand, the resilient Nigerian man wasted no time in purchasing a vehicle – a van, in fact – within the same week.

Arrived in Canada on a Friday, started work on the following Monday. Went to bank to open account. Bank saw my employment letter. Manager called me in, asked if I have a car, I said no. Oga said winter is coming, wrote $5k draft for an unsecured loan for me. Bought this van the same week.” – he wrote on his X page (formerly twitter).

The man eloquently expressed his hopes, in a move to inspire and motivate many aspiring individuals seeking to make their dreams a reality.

That is my wish for all Nigerian young graduates post NYSC.”

However, to put this accomplishment into perspective, the $5,000 he invested in his first car translates to a substantial sum of three million nine hundred eleven thousand Nigerian Naira.

Before embarking on his journey to Canada, Mr. Bricklayer revealed that he worked as a taxi driver in Ikorodu, Lagos State, Nigeria.

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