Fuel Subsidy Palliative: Anambra Governor Cuts Tax for Hawkers, Okada Drivers, Vulcanizers

Fuel Subsidy Palliative: Anambra Governor Cuts Tax for Hawkers, Okada Drivers, Vulcanizers
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In response to the recent fuel subsidy removal and its potential impact on the citizens, Governor Prof. Charles Soludo of Anambra State has taken decisive steps and tax cuts to alleviate the burden on the populace.Fuel Subsidy Palliative: Anambra Governor Cuts Tax for Hawkers, Okada Drivers, Vulcanizers

Fuel Subsidy Palliative: Anambra Governor to distribute rice to over 300,000 households

The governor’s multi-faceted approach encompasses both immediate relief and long-term strategies to ensure the welfare of the people.

Immediate Relief Measures:

1. 10% Salary Increase:

Governor Soludo has announced a noteworthy 10% salary increment for all public servants and pensioners within the state.

This move is aimed at cushioning the financial blow resulting from the fuel subsidy removal.

2. Cash Award for Pensioners and Public Servants:

From September 2023 to December 2023, every pensioner and public servant in Anambra State will receive a monthly non-taxable cash award of N12,000, providing them with additional support during this challenging period.

3. Essential Rice Distribution:

Recognizing the importance of sustenance, the governor’s office will distribute rice to over 300,000 households throughout the state.

This initiative seeks to ensure that families have access to a basic staple despite economic challenges.

4. Tax Relief for Informal Workers:

Hawkers, wheelbarrow and truck pushers, vulcanizers, artisans, okada drivers, petty traders, and transporters will benefit from tax exemptions and reductions.

This measure aims to alleviate financial pressures on those operating in the informal sector.

5. Enhanced Healthcare for Mothers:

Pregnant mothers are not left out of the governor’s compassion. Free antenatal services and delivery services will be provided at state primary health centers and general hospitals, enhancing maternal care.

6. Transportation Improvements:

The governor’s plan includes the repair and renovation of Public Servants Staff Buses, ensuring efficient transportation for employees. Additionally, the application to acquire CNG-fueled buses for intra-state transportation is underway.

7. Riverine Transportation:

To address the needs of citizens in riverine local governments, the state will repair existing water boats and procure new ones, facilitating smoother transportation.

Long-Term Vision:

Governor Soludo also outlined a series of ambitious projects that will reshape Anambra State’s future:

8. Agricultural Empowerment:

The governor plans to distribute one million oil palm and coconut seedlings annually to over 100,000 households.

These efforts will create a sustainable source of income for families and boost the agricultural sector.

9. Industrial Complex Creation:

An industrial complex dedicated to processing agricultural products will be established, generating numerous employment opportunities for the youth.

10. Youth Empowerment:

The One Youth Two Skills program will receive renewed energy through a mix of grants and soft loan schemes.

The maximum interest rate for these schemes will be capped at 9% per annum, enabling young entrepreneurs to thrive.

11. Micro-Enterprise Development:

The Ward-based Cooperative Initiative for micro-enterprises will be fully established and funded, fostering local economic growth.

12. Healthcare Infrastructure:

Governor Soludo’s ambitious plan includes modernizing primary health centers in all 326 wards, prioritizing the well-being of every citizen.

13. Infrastructure Enhancement:

With an eye on connectivity, over 340 kilometers of roads will be constructed across all twenty-one local governments, promoting accessibility and economic growth.

14. Business-Friendly Environment:

To attract private sector investment, the governor aims to improve the Ease of Doing Business in Anambra State, facilitating economic progress.

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