I’ll continue to seek guidance from Wike to succeed – Governor Fubara

I'll continue to seek guidance from Wike to succeed - Governor Fubara
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Rivers State governor, Siminialayi Fubara, expressed his commitment to seek guidance from his predecessor, Nyesom Wike, in order to excel in his role as governor.I'll continue to seek guidance from Wike to succeed - Governor Fubara

He acknowledged the significant responsibility that comes with governance and the impressive track record left by Wike, which serves as a great source of inspiration for his own administration.

Governor Fubara made these remarks during the grand reception organized by the chiefs, leaders, and stakeholders of Obio-Akpor Local Government Area to welcome Wike back home.

The event took place at Captain Elechi Amadi Polytechnic in Rumuola community.

The reception was a warm tribute from the people of Obio-Akpor to their esteemed son, Wike, for representing the Ikwerre ethnic nationality and the state of Rivers exceptionally well during his tenure as governor.

Governor Fubara emphasized that the remarkable accomplishments of the former governor speak volumes about his tremendous achievements in public service.

He praised Wike for envisioning a strong leadership and steadfastly following through with it without compromising his principles.

It’s not how the story starts, it is how it ended. Available evidence around us is showing clearly that the story of my principal (former governor Wike) has not ended, but he’s ended this phase well.” – he said.

The governor added that;

It ended because he had a vision. It ended well because that vision was not compromised, he followed it to the end. So, I was to join the people of Obio/Akpor to congratulate you and to say you are a worthy son, that is why your people have to receive you and welcome you home.”

Governor Fubara declared his unwavering support for Wike, acknowledging that he will continue to seek and benefit greatly from his guidance.

He expressed his determination to closely analyze Wike’s administrative skills, political strategies, decision-making abilities, and achievements, with the aim of serving the people of Rivers State effectively and avoiding any letdown.

As one of your benefactor, I will continue to study you. I have not learnt all that I need to learn. I still need to learn more because this business (of governance) is not an easy business. It’s a business that, life can be very white in the morning, and in the afternoon its grey.” – Fubara said.

He further stressed;

So, I still need that guidance from you. I will still come to you whenever I have any problem for your advice. Please keep your house and your door wide open for us, because we want to succeed like you succeeded.”

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