Innoson lauds Anambra new governor for using their Vehicle as official Car

Innoson commends Charles Soludo for using their Vehicle as official Car
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Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo, the newly sworn-in Governor of Anambra State, has been praised by Innoson Motors for honouring his commitment to utilise an Innoson vehicle as his official vehicle.Innoson commends Charles Soludo for using their Vehicle as official Car

After driving to his inauguration on Thursday in an Innoson car, the newly sworn-in governor Charles Soludo became the first Nigerian governor to use IVM Vehicles as his official vehicle.

Recall what the Governor said in a statement while still governor-elect:

Igbo land is one and we must protect it. We want to bring back the zeal of patronizing our own. I have said it even during campaigns, and I meant it, that if I win, the official car of the governor of Anambra State will be Innoson motors.”

Soludo, on the other hand, maintained his word and used an indigenous car at his inauguration yesterday.

As his official car as governor of the state, he was conveyed to the inauguration event in an IVM jeep.

Innoson Vehicle expressed gratitude to the new governor on its official Twitter page.

Innoson wrote;

Thank You Mr. Governor @CCSoludo
The Management of Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company wishes to thank the newly sworn-in Governor of Anambra State, Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo for keeping his promise to use Innoson Vehicle as his Official Car.
The company is delighted to see him keep his words on the occasion of his Inauguration.
The company is grateful that Mr. Governor wants to look inward, partner with and promote local products. The Innoson Group look forward to a fruitful Partnership with the government.
under your leadership and wishes to reiterate her commitment to support your Government in any way possible in order to ensure it achieves her vision.
Thank you and cheers to a better Anambra.
Cornel Osigwe
Head of Corporate Communications Innoson Group.”

Governor Charles Soludo has made a point of promoting made-in-Nigeria products, as evidenced by his wearing of clothing designed by local designers and his firm belief that in order to stimulate prosperity, we must support our own.

He remarked that unless in circumstances where there is no “Made in Anambra alternative,” the Anambra government will only patronise “Made in Anambra” products.


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