Man injured as illegal Taskforce Officer swerves his car into drainage in Rivers

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A Man was reportedly injured after illegal Taskforce Officer plunged his car into drainage in Rivers state.illegal Taskforce Officer

On Monday morning, a suspected illegal taskforce agent operating at the Eliozu junction axis of Port Harcourt veered his Toyota Camry into a gutter, injuring the middle-aged man.

According to an eyewitness, the alleged illegal taskforce officer was dragging the man’s car steering with him after he failed to comply with their demands when the incident occurred, and the vehicle was severely damaged as a result.

Despite the fact that roughly four members of the unlawful taskforce escaped, Hitvibz learned that two of them were quickly captured by a police patrol squad.

The automobile was still in the gutter when our correspondent arrived, with blood smears all around it.



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