NUJ Urges Rivers Police to Dismantle Road Block at Press Centre

Harassment Concerns: NUJ Calls for Road Block Removal at Press Centre

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The Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Rivers State Council, has recently issued a statement calling for the immediate dismantling of a road block at the entry point of Moscow Road leading to the NUJ Press Centre.NUJ Urges Rivers Police to Dismantle Road Block at Press Centre

Press Centre Access Denied: NUJ Appeals to Rivers Police

The union expressed concerns over the excessive harassment of journalists and visitors by the police stationed at the road block, which restricts free access to the NUJ Press Centre and hinders the flow of traffic into the NUJ complex.

This call was made public after previous appeals to the State Commissioners of Police were ignored.

The Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Rivers State Council, has urged the Rivers State Police Command to take urgent action in dismantling the road block located at the entrance of Moscow Road, which leads to the NUJ Press Centre.

In a statement signed by the chairman, Comrade Stanley Job Stanley, and the secretary, Comrade Ike Wigodo, the union expressed deep concerns over the harassment faced by journalists and visitors, as well as the obstruction of traffic caused by the road block.

According to the statement, the NUJ Press Centre is a vital hub for journalists and visitors, where they can freely interact, exchange ideas, and gather information.

The union emphasized that the Press Centre should be easily accessible to journalists and the public alike, without any hindrances.

Regrettably, the current road block obstructs the flow of traffic and prevents journalists and their visitors from reaching the Press Centre without unnecessary difficulties.

Despite the union’s acknowledgment of the police’s efforts in combating crime and maintaining security in Rivers State, they emphasized that the harassment and denial of access to the NUJ Press Centre cannot be tolerated any longer.

The NUJ has previously made appeals to the former Commissioners of Police to address this issue, but their requests were disregarded.

The NUJ firmly believes that journalists should have unhindered access to their secretariat, and that the Press Centre should serve as a welcoming space for journalists and the public to freely interact.

Consequently, the union calls upon the Rivers State Commissioner of Police to promptly order the dismantling of the road block and relocate the police personnel to a more suitable location closer to their headquarters.

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