Wike reveals the major problem in Nigeria, claims that money is not one of it

Wike reveals the major problem in Nigeria, claims that money is not one of it
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Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, the governor of Rivers State, has spoken out about the major problem in Nigeria that Nigerians are currently facing, and he claims that money is not one of them.Wike reveals the major problem in Nigeria, claims that money is not one of it

According to Wike, the main issue in Nigeria is not a lack of money, but rather a lack of leadership that can uphold the truth, support it, and show compassion for its people as they work to create a healthy society that provides a good quality of life.

Governor Wike stated this on Monday when the Senior Vice Chairman/Editor-in-Chief, Mr. Azu Ishiekwene led a delegation of the management of Leadership Newspaper Group Limited to the Government House, Port Harcourt.

Governor Wike noted that when the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) lost the 2015 general elections, concerns relating to staff compensation and other unrelated topics led to some disagreements inside the party.

He said that while those who opposed the PDP were fervent in their efforts to bring about the party’s demise, he and a small group of others fought for the party, made sure it was not destroyed, and were referred to as its pillars.

Now that he is speaking out for fairness, justice, and equity, governor Wike said that there are boy that have been recruited, paid and ordered to attack him and characterize him as a destroyer of the party.

Governor Wike claimed that he couldn’t be dismantling the party to which he had given so much.

The governor added, however, that he could not live in a home he had constructed while allowing armed bandits to seize control of it. The PDP presidential primary was rigged, according to Governor Wike.

He claimed that after the voting process had begun, the organizers had let one aspirant to return to the podium to continue his campaign.

He said that there wouldn’t have been a problem if the candidate had been permitted to announce his resignation; instead, the delegates were been told who to vote for.

He emphasized that these were the same individuals that opposed the PDP presidential ticket’s zoning recommendation.

He claimed that no amount of threats would stop him from standing up for the equity, justice, and fairness-based truth that a southerner should hold the position of PDP national chairman.

Governor Wike issued a challenge to anyone claiming that Rivers State has benefited from its backing of the PDP since 1999 in terms of development.

Governor Wike contends that anyone claiming to be able to transform the country when elected should first prove it inside their own party.

The governor argued that his contributions to the state, not those made in Abuja, are what give people such relevance, not those politicians who surround party candidates to gain attention.

Governor Wike revealed that he has between 2019 and now built 12 flyovers, spent over N17 billion Naira to build the Dr. Nabo Graham Douglas Campus of the Nigerian Law School, completed within 10 months and those who opposed it are scrabbling to get space for their wards to be admitted.

In order for society to improve, the Rivers state governor asked the Nigerian media to be open-minded, watch over public officials, and criticize them.

Governor Wike declared that the prize they gave him—which he dedicated to God and the people of Rivers—would inspire his administration to take further action.


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