Akwa Ibom festival where people are killed, buried, made to resurrect revealed

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Akwa Ibom festival where of people of Uruan in the state have this miraculous tradition they display has been revealed.Akwa Ibom festival

Don’t get it twisted; this is a Uruan tradition that has been passed down through centuries, and it can only be seen in villages like Idu, Mbiakong, and Ifiayong.Akwa Ibom festival

The folks in the photos are not in any danger, but they are being liberated from a demonic energy that has been tormenting them for a long time.Akwa Ibom festival

Many things happen during this traditional Akwa Ibom festival, such as:

1. planting a plantain sucker, which grows and bears fruit the same day.

2. Making money out of leaves

3. Sand was transformed into cooked rice.

4. Filling the basket with water and making sure there are no drops

5. Human killed by gunshot, buried, but will return to the grave alive, and so on.8 killed, buried, made to resurrect during

Some regard it as a demonic ritual, yet in reality, Uruan’s tradition causes no harm to anyone.Nkim Itong: 8 killed, buried, made to resurrect

Once every two years, this event or traditional display takes place.

Credit: AkwaPoly Campus


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