Barbados becomes a republic, Queen Elizabeth II removed as head of state

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Barbados becomes a republic officially and Queen Elizabeth II deposed as its head of state as the island became the world’s newest republic.Barbados becomes a republic

The declaration was made at 12 a.m. on Tuesday in a solemn ceremony in the capital, Bridgetown, and was witnessed by the Queen’s son, Prince Charles.

The current governor-general, Dame Sandra Mason, was sworn in as Barbados’ first president as the Royal Standard flag representing the Queen was lowered, signifying the historic handover.Barbados becomes a republic

“I, Sandra Prunella Mason, do swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Barbados according to law, so help me God,” the new president said in taking the oath of office. The new era for the nation of 285,000 ends Britain’s centuries of influence, including more than 200 years of slavery until 1834.Barbados becomes a republic

Barbados’ new age brings an end to Britain’s decades of dominance, which included more than 200 years as a transatlantic slave traffic hub.singer Rihanna

Meanwhile, singer Rihanna, who was born on the island, was recognized as a National Hero while attending the presidential inauguration in Bridgetown’s Heroes Square.



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