Governor Wike urge Rivers communities to support PDP

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Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has charged Rivers communities to support PDP in the next general election coming up in 2023.Wike urge Rivers communities to support PDP

The Rivers State governor claims that when communities support government, they attract more development projects, which is preferable than financial gifts.

The governor made the statement to express his gratitude for the support given to the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in Rivers state by Rumueme community.

Speaking during inauguration of Tombia Road extension in Obio-Akpor, Governor Wike disclosed that the project is another fulfillment of a promise made to them.

One of the communities that have always supported Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is the Rumueme community. It is a community that when they say they’re with you, they’re with you. And to God be the glory, they have seen the fruit for supporting PDP. The Law School is in Rumueme community. What support can you need; facilities can bring out the name of a community,” Wike said.

Wike added that;

If the Nigerian Law School opens tomorrow, Rumueme will be household name in the entire Nigeria. It is not only money that you get and you think you’ve gotten dividend. But the name alone that so and so institution, or establishment is in your community, money cannot buy it.”

Governor Wike stated that he has often emphasized the importance of people understanding that government is more than just making promises; it also includes a commitment to follow through on those commitments.

And, as he argued, the only way to ensure that those promises are kept is to hold politicians accountable for what they say and do.Rivers communities to support PDP

This, he claims, will prevent such politicians from later offering reasons for failing to honor their pledges when another opportunity forces them to seek new political support.

Not tomorrow, you forget and somebody will come and tell you, you know we made mistakes, but now we are ready to correct the mistakes. Tell them, there is nothing to correct again. The party we know that has told us yesterday that they’re going to do this, they have done it. So, we want to continue to remain with that party that made promises to us and fulfilled those promises,” Wike noted


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