Beggar arrested with N500k, $100 cleared of wrongdoing in Abuja

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Hadiza Ibrahim, a beggar who was reportedly arrested in Abuja after being caught with cash worth N500,000 and $100, has been exonerated of criminality by officials from the Federal Capital Territory Administration’s Social Development Secretariat, SDS.Abuja Beggar arrested with N500k, $100 cleared of wrongdoing

The suspect is not linked to any illegal activities, according to officials.

Malam Sani Amar, the Acting Director, Social Welfare Services of the SDS, told the media on Thursday in Abuja that the large sum of money was an accumulation of her N2,000 daily commitment, which she began many years ago.

According to him, early investigations by the SDS revealed that Hadiza has no ties to any organised criminal syndicates, contrary to popular belief.

While advising people of the territory to refrain from begging, the official pointed out that Hadiza, a Kaduna State woman, was able to make such a fortune due to the place where she regularly begs.Beggar arrested with N500k, $100 cleared of wrongdoing in Abuja

Within our little knowledge and experience in discharging our duty, with the assistance of security personnel attached to us, we understand that Hadiza was not involved in any criminal activity and if you look at the money found in her possession, it was accumulated overtime,” Amar said.

Adding that;

On the profiling we did on her, we gave the Police in our team time to play their role, and they did what they could, and it was clearly established that she was not into such nefarious acts. She was so wise to have selected the areas of her own begging business, where she realises huge money daily.”

He stressed that;

Most of these street beggars have more money than folks who sweat it out to earn a dime, this woman obviously understands her target audience, a self made marketer

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