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3 best Android apps to stream live matches

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Are you a die hard football fan and searching for the right outlet to watch live football matches as you can’t afford to miss the showdown between your favorite club and other?stream live matches

Then, you are the right spot at the perfect time ?? as we’ll be diving into the world of Android apps for streaming your favourite and live sport for free and at the comfort of your home, office, in a taxi or bus.

So we’ve decided to compile the top three Android apps you can use to stream live matches and never miss a game of your favourite club.

Many apps out there will promise to offer you the best services, but then, how do you know the best?

Hitvibz is here to dish out to you the best among the many football streaming apps available for free download.

Let’s get started then…..

At number 3 is Live Sports TV Streaming

Live Sports Streaming HD
Live Sports TV Streaming

This app is currently rated 4.0 on google play store (4 stars) and over 1 million plus downloads. Its obvious sports lovers can’t get enough of this app.

This app is available on google play store ????

And the top two comments there says;Comment 1

At number 2 is Live Sports Streaming HD
Live Sports Streaming HD
Live Sports Streaming HD

With this particular app, you can’t only watch Football HD, but also Cricket, Hockey, Basketball and other sports.

This app is available on google play store ????

Live Sports Streaming HD accumulated a 4.2 rating on google play store with just 100k downloads. Many sports lovers don’t know the real value of this app until they get a hold of it.

And the top two comments there states;Comment 2

At number 1 is Yacine TV
Yacine TV
Yacine TV

This app is currently not available on google play store but can be downloaded via the link below.

Note: This app is not in anyway affiliated with Hitvibz, was only discovered through the course of finding solution to live sports streaming.


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