Pastor Paul Enenche

God is Looking For Billionaires That Can Clean Church Toilets

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Pastor Paul Enenche, the General Overseer of Dunamis International Gospel Center, declared on Sunday that God is looking for Supreme Court and high court justices to work as church cleaners.

He also stated that God is on the lookout for billionaires who serve as ushers in the church, as well as Chief Medical Directors and Vice Chancellors of Universities who work in the church’s counseling department.

Speaking at the combined service held at the Glory Dome in Abuja, Enenche claimed that he was at Canaanland on Saturday where a millionaire was serving as an usher in the church.

“God is looking for billionaires that are ushers, supreme court judges, high court judges that are cleaners in the toilets. Chief Medical Directors, Vice-Chancellors of universities that are in the counseling department. That is when you real result in life will start. I was with a man yesterday, he’s an usher in his church in Canaanland and the wife in the choir – effortless billionaire.

“He said he bought an equipment recently for his work and he is the only one who has it in Nigeria. He has over 40 construction sites going on at the same time. He doesn’t need to take equipment from here to another site and one site can harbour up to a hundred equipment,” Enenche said in a transcript on Church Gist.

According to Pastor Enenche;

“Don’t ever let anything make you to be a comfortable “sit-down” in church. Yes, there is a time to sit down and listen to the Word. The higher you are, the more menial service you should look for, that is the kind of humility that makes God to lift people.”

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