Man Reveals Harrowing Ordeal that Forced Him to Flee Nigeria

Man Reveals Harrowing Ordeal that Forced Him to Flee Nigeria
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In a shocking revelation, a man has taken to X, formerly Twitter to disclose the disturbing chain of events that ultimately forced him to make the life-altering decision to flee Nigeria.Man Reveals Harrowing Ordeal that Forced Him to Flee Nigeria

Responding to a tweet from Fisayo Fosudo, who inquired about the reasons people choose to depart their home country, one Uchenna Osuchukwu shared a harrowing tale of personal tragedy and abuse.

I was kidnapped, they emptied my bank account, and my family paid a hefty ransom,” Osuchukwu recounted, highlighting the vulnerability he faced.

They even took my car and left it in ruins. To add insult to injury, one of the criminals brazenly transferred money from my account to his own and purchased airtime directly from my bank. When I sought justice and reported the crime to the police, they demanded a staggering N200k bribe, leaving me no choice but to let it slide.”

However, the nightmare didn’t end there. Osuchukwu went on to narrate a sequence of terrifying encounters with law enforcement.

A month later, while driving back to Abuja, I was stopped by the police in Enugu. During a search of my belongings, they planted a dirty pair of panties in my luggage and threatened to shoot me if I dared to resist their demands. I was unjustly labeled a ‘yahoo boy‘.”

In Abuja, the following week, a female police officer inexplicably slapped me without provocation. In self-defense, I retaliated, leading to an attack by her male colleagues. Shockingly, one of them brandished a dagger with the intent to harm me.”

Osuchukwu’s ordeal reached a terrifying climax when he recounted a dangerous encounter with Vehicle Inspection Officers (VIO) in Abuja.

One of them entered my car and nearly forced me to crash into the fence of Yar’Adua Center. In fact, @whitenigerian witnessed this incident. At that moment, I realized that Nigeria was determined to end my life by any means necessary.”

Consequently, Osuchukwu and his wife wasted no time in commencing the process of leaving Nigeria, marking a poignant chapter in the ongoing story of Nigerians seeking safety and security abroad.

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