Stats Reveals: Wives Decide How Husbands' Earnings Are Spent in Nigeria

Stats Reveals: Wives Decide How Husbands’ Earnings Are Spent in Nigeria

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A recent study conducted by StatiSense has shed light on the dynamics of financial decision-making within households, how wives control their husband’s income across different regions of Nigeria.Stats Reveals: Wives Decide How Husbands' Earnings Are Spent in Nigeria

The findings reveal a significant trend where wives are increasingly taking charge of managing their husbands’ earnings.

In the South East region, wives hold the reins with Anambra leading in a staggering 53.3% of households, followed by Imo at 17.5% and Abia at 9.1%.

The trend continues in the South South, with Cross River leading at 33.7%, closely followed by Rivers at 33.3% and Akwa Ibom at 32.2%.

In the South West, Lagos stands out with 2.9% of wives controlling their husband’s earnings.

Conversely, the report highlights a reverse scenario when it comes to husbands managing their wives’ earnings.

The North West region takes the lead here, with a staggering 90.3% of husbands having control.

The North East follows at 80.2%, and the North Central region at 70.1%.

In the South West, 65.0% of husbands make the financial decisions, while in the South South, the figure stands at 47.3%.

Surprisingly, the South East lags behind with only 43.6% of husbands taking control.

The study also examined the prevalence of households where husbands have no earnings.

In the South South region, 1.6% of husbands fall into this category.

The South East follows at 1.2%, while the South West, North Central, North East, and North West regions have 1.0%, 0.7%, 0.4%, and 0.3% respectively.

These findings provide valuable insights into the shifting dynamics of financial decision-making within Nigerian households.

The study reflects the evolving role of women in managing household finances, with wives taking on more responsibility and control over their husbands’ earnings.

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