Nigerian women are catalysts for development – Wike

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Nigerian women, according to Rivers State Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, are significant catalysts and contributors to the country’s progress.Nigerian women are catalysts for development says Governor Wike

Governor Wike emphasized that women are catalysts who play critical roles in the nation’s growth at all levels.

The Governor stated this at the inauguration of the executive members of the Rivers State Chapter of the National Council for Women Societies (NCWS) on Sunday in Port Harcourt.Nigerian women are catalysts for development - Wike

In addition, the Governor received the NCWS HeforShe Awards for his gender-sensitive initiatives in the state.

Represented by the Secretary to the State Government, Dr. Tammy Wenike Danagogo, the Governor explained;

You are catalysts and instruments for social engineering in our society. If women are not part of what society does, society will not progress. Everyman irrespective of who he is, has a woman whom he adores or loves. The late Dr. Myles Monroe once said, – women are incubators that transform, multiply and make better anything you give her.”

The Governor advised women to be more vocal, active, and proactive in order to prevent the nation’s sociopolitical and economic situation from deteriorating.Nigerian women are catalysts for development says Governor Wike

He emphasized;

If our country is going down, you too have a responsibility to caution whoever is at the helm of affairs. We are told that the hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world. You rock the cradle of every child including grown men. The soft power you have is stronger than any other power. A lot of men are transformed by the power of women, through gradual persuasion and good examples.”

Wike added that;

Whenever you see something good happening, promote and embrace it and if you see something bad happening, speak against it and use your soft power to change it. Our Government is very gender sensitive and friendly. We do not take for granted the affairs of women in the state. You will agree with me that the issues of women in Rivers State is at the front burner of this Government. For the first time in the history of Rivers State,the Governor has set a record in women involvement with the first female Deputy Governor, first female senator, all female vice chairpersons in all the 23 LGAs, first female Chief Judges amongst others.”

He further noted that;

With the inauguration of the NCWS in Rivers State, I believe that women in Rivers State will become more organized, having a united voice to speak for the good of Rivers State. Thank you our National President of NCWS for your sacrifices and passion to ensure the NCWS is revived in Rivers State which has been moribund for sometime. To the new executive members, I believe that with your inauguration, NCWS would come back to the glory days.”


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