Nigerians should present NIN even before using restaurants – Pantami

Nigerians should present NIN
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Nigerians should present NIN even before using any restaurant in the country says Isa Ali Pantami.Nigerians should present NIN

Isa Ali Pantami, the Minister of Communication and Digital Economy, has declared that in order to secure Nigeria in the next years, Nigerians should produce and validate their National Identity Number even before dining out.

The Minister said this during the convocation lecture of Federal College of Education Technical in Gombe.

He explained that despite more than 44 petitions and multiple legal proceedings in the country, his ministry maintained on the required use of the NIN.

The minister emphasized that the NIN policy was mandated by Nigerian law and serve to protect the country.

He said;

Without profiling, no country will be secured globally. Criminals don’t like it, and they have been fighting it day in, day out. When I came up with the policy, they wrote more than 44 petitions against us just to stop it, some of them to Mr President; some of them even court cases.”

He added that;

But today it has become part of our lives, you cannot go and obtain a SIM card without NIN and we are glad that the Joint (Admissions and) Matriculation Board has accepted it.”

According to Pantami;

The Nigerian Immigration Service has also accepted it. I do hope that in order to secure our country in the next few years, even if you want to enter a restaurant you must verify your NIN. Most of us when we travel abroad, we obtain their NIN before going anywhere or doing anything but when we come back to Nigeria, we don’t have it.”

The Minister noted that;

You cannot go and work in the USA without the Social Security Number, you cannot work in the UK without the National Insurance Number, you cannot work in Saudi Arabia without their Saned Number; you cannot go to India and work without Aadhaar Number.”

Stressing that;

In all these countries, this identification is mandatory by law and it is mandatory by law in Nigeria, so, in any situation, we will continue to push for its implementation and for sure we cannot be intimidated.”



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