Samia Malik announces new album release titled "Songs to Heal and Empower"

Samia Malik announces new album release titled “Songs to Heal and Empower”

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The exceptional album from Samia Malik, ‘Songs To Heal and Empower,’ has been released, offering a captivating blend of Eastern melodies, profound and passionate lyrics in both Urdu and English, electronic elements, tabla beats, and deep bass grooves.Samia Malik announces new album release titled "Songs to Heal and Empower"

The album is accompanied by translations and visual art projections that aim to leave listeners deeply moved, inspired, and energized.

Listen to Samia Malik – To Heal & Empower HERE

Password: SongsToHealAndEmpower

Singer-songwriter Samia Malik has announced the release of a new album and a tour starting in June 2023, which will cover various locations throughout England.

Samia’s daring fusion music pushes the boundaries of the traditional Urdu Ghazal style to explore contemporary issues surrounding identity, race, and gender.

Her impactful original songs, written in Urdu and English, incorporate soaring Eastern melodies, electronic elements, tabla beats, and deep bass grooves.

These musical elements are enhanced by live visuals displaying Samia’s original artwork and translations.

During the tour, Samia will engage with the audience through Q&A sessions and workshops, delving into the core themes that have inspired her music.

Additionally, she has collaborated with renowned artists such as Indian danseuse and activist Mallika Sarabhai and the esteemed ‘sitarist to the stars’ Baluji Shrivastav OBE.

Her dynamic and evolving work has captivated audiences across Europe, India, and the United States.

For select venues on the tour, Samia will be joined by internationally acclaimed tabla maestro Sukhdeep Dhanjal.

Furthermore, she plans to organize workshops in collaboration with local community groups.

These workshops aim to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of Indian music or focus on enhancing songwriting skills.

Community group members may even have the opportunity to join Samia on stage and showcase their newfound skills.

The tour will also serve as the official launch of Samia’s new album, ‘Songs to Heal and Empower.’

Samia Malik expresses her belief that art has the power to inform and transform.

In a world where barriers are being erected, she emphasizes the importance of using art to unite people and explore significant contemporary issues such as culture, race, identity, and gender, all while enjoying the process.

Listen to Songs to Heal and Empower on Spotify

Samia is thrilled to have the opportunity to develop and share this new body of work, which she believes will resonate with diverse audiences across the UK.

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