Father's Cruelty Exposed: Anambra Govt Steps in to Save 17-Year-Old Girl

Father’s Cruelty Exposed: Anambra Govt Steps in to Save 17-Year-Old Girl

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Recently, the Anambra State Ministry of Women and Social Welfare stepped in to save a 17-year-old girl who had been exposed to terrible abuse at the hands of her father, Sunday Ezeh.Father's Cruelty Exposed: Anambra Govt Steps in to Save 17-Year-Old Girl

The girl, who is the stepdaughter of the accused, was found with her hands and feet tied, locked up for a month without any food.

Commissioner Ify Obinabo stated that the Ministry received a tip-off from concerned individuals in the Nise area, leading to collaboration with the local vigilante for the rescue operation.

The young woman was carried right away to the Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu University Teaching Hospital in Awka for a checkup and medical care.

It was discovered that she had sustained injuries all over her body, requiring emergency surgery for a head injury.

She underwent surgery successfully, and she is now recuperating in the pediatrics section of the hospital.

The state has zero tolerance for any kind of child abuse or criminal activity, Commissioner Obinabo stressed, and he promised that those who commit such crimes will be held accountable.

The Anambra State Police Criminal Investigative Department has been given the case to continue its probe.

The 17-year-old victim detailed how her stepfather tied her up and starved her for a month as punishment in her testimony.

Although she couldn’t recall the reason for her punishment, she mentioned that her father accused her of soiling the compound and deemed it necessary to beat and starve her.

Witnesses who saw the abuse intervened to rescue her.

On the other hand, the accused, Ezeh, claimed that he was disciplining his daughter due to her disobedience and her act of defiling the compound with excrement, which was against his traditional beliefs.

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