England’s new law bans Botox injections and lip filler ban for under 18s

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Before now, teenagers 18 and under in England were able to have cosmetic procedures like Botox-style procedures and dermal fillers with no checks on their age.

Reports by the Department of Health and Social Care estimates that up to 41,000 Botox-style procedures were carried out on under-18s in England in 2020 and in 2017 there were up to 29,300 dermal filler procedures for under-18s.

The new law aims to protect young people from Botox injections harm after years of efforts to regulate the non-surgical beauty industry.

Botox injections

With many women coming forward to share their harrowing stories, one woman by the name of Laura Brooks,  narrated to the BBC how she had decided to get dermal lip fillers in December 2020 and her therapist did a botched job and she is still suffering the side effects months later.

she said:

“It is important for more to be put in place to protect everybody.

“There are women of all ages, and men I guess, having these treatments. It is not just the age thing. You should be medically trained.

“And until that is law, this is just going to continue to happen over and over again.”

But Campaigners and registered beauty practitioners alike say as much as this is a welcomed development, the rules do not go far enough as the ban does not cover other procedures like thread lifts some seek to get the popular ‘fox-eye’ look.

They are calling for Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales to quickly introduce similar laws to prevent young people in England travelling over the borders for treatments.

At the moment there is no law in the UK requiring practitioners to have formal qualifications or training for this type of treatment.

Campaigners would like to see the law expanded to include restricting who can carry out non-surgical cosmetic treatments, who can set up training academies and making sure there is mandatory insurance policy carried out by cosmetic treatment providers.

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