UK Deputy Prime Minister: Use low level offenders to drive lorries and HGVs

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Dominic Raab: Hire low-level offenders to drive lorries and HGVs amid fuel crisis

Amid the fuel shortage ongoing in the United Kingdom, the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Mr Dominic Raab has suggested that low level offenders with community sentences could be employed to address the country’s lack of HGV drivers which sparked a nation wide fuel shortage almost two weeks ago.

In an effort to curb the situation last week the UK Government via the Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng announced that the military could be called in to drive tankers and lorries in the next couple of days to help alleviate the problem.

Lorries and HGVs

The opposition Labour party led by Sir Kier Starmer called for the Government to issue 100,000 migrant instead of the 5000 temporary visas originally issued by the Government to provide sufficient Lorries and HGVs drivers. Mr Raab disagreed with the idea saying that the move would leave the country reliant in the long term on labour coming from abroad, and instead suggested the gap could be filled in another way.

“We’ve been getting prisoners and offenders to do volunteering and unpaid work,” Mr Raab told The Spectator, in comments carried by The Times.

“Why not if there are shortages encourage them to do paid work where there’s a benefit for the economy, benefit for society?

“If you give people skin in the game, give them something to lose, if you give them some hope, they’re much less likely to re-offend.”

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