Senator Makarfi lauds Wike for developing all parts of Rivers

Senator Makarfi lauds Wike for developing all parts of Rivers

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Senator Ahmed Makarfi, the lawmaker representing Kaduna North, has praised Rivers State Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike for developing the entire state.Senator Makarfi lauds Wike for developing all parts of Rivers

Senator Makarfi, who pointed out that development projects are dispersed across Rivers State, with rural communities benefiting just as much as urban areas, said this is exactly what Nigeria needs to grow forward.

The governor made the remarks during the inauguration of the 2.4-kilometer Ahoada-Ekpena Road project in Rivers on Thursday.

Senator Ahmed Makarfi, the former governor of Kaduna State, stated that Governor Wike’s development strategy is balanced.

The pace of project execution and commissioning in Rivers State is unprecedented in any State in this country. The kind of development going on here is a balanced development. You see development in the cities, you see development in the rural areas. Development in all areas of infrastructure and social services, be they roads, schools, hospitals and social programmes. That is what we need in each state. That is what we need in this country. We need balance development that will take Nigeria forward,” he said.

Senator Makarfi lamented the deteriorating security situation in Nigeria, particularly in the North-Western Zone, where President Muhammadu Buhari is from.

It is terrible, he says, that insecurity in the zone has persisted under Buhari’s watch.

Senator Makarfi praised Governor Wike for the degree of security attained in Rivers State, but said the PDP needs to return to the federal level to guarantee the safety of all Nigerians.

You mentioned issues of security, you are largely secured here compared to where I come from. Of course, it’s not PDP governing there. And we are not all secured all over the zone, which is the North-West Zone. We are largely insecure and we have a president from that zone. It is regrettable. Therefore, the only way out is for PDP to come back to power. And we shall come back to power by the grace of God,” Senator Makarfi said.


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