It's Our Turn to Produce the Next Chairman of Oyigbo - Umuihueze 1 Laments

It’s Our Turn to Produce the Next Chairman of Oyigbo – Umuihueze 1 Laments

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Umuihueze 1, the Clan housing Afam Power Station, are advocating for a significant change in the leadership landscape of Oyigbo local government area in Rivers State, as they demand that the next chairman must come from one of their communities.It's Our Turn to Produce the Next Chairman of Oyigbo - Umuihueze 1

Their resounding call is that the upcoming chairman of the region should be chosen from one of these communities.

As the tenure of the present local government chairpersons, who was elected in 2021 during the tenure of the former Governor Nyesom Wike, approaches its end in the first quarter of 2024, the communities are stepping forward to assert their collective voice.

While speaking with LEADERSHIP over the weekend, Honorable Innocent Ajaelu, a prominent figure in the community, eloquently elaborated on the rationale behind this demand.

According to Ajaelu, this plea is grounded in a pre-existing zoning arrangement that has been in effect among the three principal clans in the local government area.

Ajaelu reiterated the historical context, highlighting that the current chairman, Honorable Okechukwu Akara Nwogu, hails from the Umuokobo clan and succeeded Honorable Gerald Oforji from the Asa Clan.

An intriguing facet of local governance in this area is that no local government chairman has held office for more than one term.

Ajaelu fervently appealed to Nwogu, imploring him to honor the existing zoning formula within the local government area.

By refraining from pursuing a second term in office, Ajaelu stressed, Nwogu would play a crucial role in upholding values of peace, equity, justice, and fairness.

Anticipating the imminent conclusion of the incumbent chairman’s tenure in February 2024, Ajaelu passionately urged all stakeholders in Oyigbo LGA to continue embracing the zoning arrangement that has harmonized the diverse interests and ensured an atmosphere of peace and progress in the area.

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