Wike confirms when he will unveil his preferred presidential candidate

Wike confirms when he unveil his preferred presidential candidate
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According to Rivers State governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, a choice has been made regarding his preferred presidential candidate in which he will mobilize support for in the upcoming general election of 2023, and that the decision will be made public in January 2023.Wike confirms when he unveil his preferred presidential candidate

Governor Wike stated this at the inauguration of the Rumuokwurusi- Elimgbu Flyover (10th flyover) in Rumuokwurusi Town, Obio-Akpor Local Government Area on Thursday.

The governor promised that he will first launch a statewide campaign trip in January 2023 to inform the people of Rivers about who they should vote for.

Then he announced that he would do a nationwide campaign tour to remind Nigerians of the presidential candidate who deserve their support.

He claimed that Nigerians need to be aware of a trustworthy candidate they could rely on to bring about the required national transformation with the anticipated capacity and outcomes.

So, from January next year, I will campaign to my people who they will vote for. So, all of you who have been in suspense. Who have been saying all kinds of things, abusing me, wait, January has come. Not only will I tell them where they will vote, I will move from state to state and tell them why they should vote for the people I think they should vote for. Nothing will happen.” – Wike said.

Governor Wike addressed the injustices that certain individuals had brought about through their associations, philosophies, and political inconsistencies and questioned if they could honestly claim to have been fair to Nigerians and be qualified to govern them.

Those of you who have never been stable. You move from PDP (Peoples Democratic Party) to there, and you moved from there back to PDP. Those of you who campaigned in 2015, telling Nigerians if they vote for PDP they are voting for insurgency. If they vote for PDP, they’re voting for corruption.” – he said.

The governor added;

Wait, all of us will reply. We will tell Nigerians this thing that you said, how far now. Where do you still stand now? Is it the same PDP or a new PDP?”

Governor Wike stated that winning an election requires more than just making an appearance on television, making derogatory remarks about other people, and talking too much.

So, all of you appearing on television abusing me, don’t waist your saliva again. January has come. All those of you who are telling Nigerians that you used to have 40 shoes, you used to have 50 wrist watches, time has come to convert those shoes and wrist watches to votes. It’s not to be on the podium and raise your shoes high. And raise your wrist watch high. Time has come to convert it to votes.” – he said.

Governor Wike also reminded some Rivers politicians who are currently residing in Abuja that the election in 2023 will reveal who actually has political sway over the Rivers voters.


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