Wike has performed below expectations – Expert

Wike has performed below expectation says Development Expert
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Andy Akpotifeh, a development expert in Rivers State, has stated that Governor Nyesom Wike has performed below expectations during the last 12 months.Wike has performed below expectation says Development Expert

In a statement released on Tuesday, the expert urged the Governor to focus more on improving the lives of Rivers people in 2022.

He chastised Governor Wike for giving lip service in areas such as human capital development, agriculture, and garbage disposal, among others.

Mr. Andy stated that he had high hopes for the state to improve in those places, but that it has always been about flyovers while the people had nothing to eat.

He also stated that, despite the state’s issues, the governor has been busy spending public resources not allocated for in the form of goodwill.

He went on to say that while other governments are busy hiring workers, the state government is unconcerned.

Mr Andy further stated that he does not hold the governor responsible for these errors, but rather those in positions to restrain his excesses, adding that they have been imprisoned and are unable to talk.



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