WW2 bomb blows up near station in Munich, four injured

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It appears drilling caused a disturbance in the grounds near a  train station in Munich triggered an unexploded World War Two Bomb, causing it to go off

MUNICH – Rail traffic was brought to a holt when a WW2 bomb exploded near on a construction site near the main station in Munich, Germany.

According to the Munich police report, the bomb went off during tunnel work near the Donnersberger Bridge. Locals in the area told reporters, there was a loud bang followed by a column of smoke. An excavator was overturned by the force of the blast.

As a result of the explosion, four people were hurt, of which one was considered seriously hurt.

Bomb disposal experts and Emergency services were quickly at the scene offering treatment and examining the remains of the bomb.

At the time of reporting, Deutsche Bahn, who is the rail operating company for the city had cancelled all train travel to and from the central station.

Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Hermann told the media that:

The “aerial bomb” weighed 250kg (550lb).

It is not unknown for entire towns to be evacuated in response to the discovery of World War Two bombs, usually dropped by British and US forces. Big construction projects in the centre of Munich usually take considerable care in checking war-time ordnance. “It has to be investigated why no-one spotted this bomb earlier,”

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