100 Working!! How to solve decoder upgrade issue on Gotv

100 Working!! How to solve decoder upgrade issue on Gotv
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If you are looking for 100% working solution on how to solve your decoder upgrade issue on Gotv, then be rest assured that you are reading the right post.100 Working!! How to solve decoder upgrade issue on Gotv

You must have noticed this error message on your gotv decoder that displays – “Your Decoder is Running Old Software And Needs To Be Updated Now. The upgrade will start in 0 seconds and will take less than 10 minutes. Please do NOT interrupt the upgrade. Wait for video and audio to start again.

Users of GOtv are reporting this problem more frequently lately, despite the fact that it should actually be an upgrade notice.

You will see a count-down meter because the gotv decoder upgrade is intended to begin immediately in 5 seconds after the issue displays.

However, the decoder upgrade will refuse to run an update instantly after the five second countdown.

The upgrade won’t go away whenever this happens. Not only that, your remote control will no longer operate in any way. Even the button on the decoder will also stop functioning.

The few times this happened, it pissed me of as I couldn’t watch my GOTV cable network for several hours and missed out on my favorite shows.

I gave it virtually everything I had, but it was all in vain. I felt the GOtv decoder needed to be checked. The fact that there was no update or upgrade after the countdown surprised me the most.

I remembered that I have the MyGOtv app, which is useful for fixing issues.

However, after opening the app on my phone, the problems E16 (Service is now scrambled) and E30 (Checking the subscription status) were the errors I noticed that can be fixed

It’s sad to see the error that is currently occurring “Your Decoder Is Running Old Software And Needs To Be Updated Now” and the issue cannot resolved

So, does it mean your decoder is now using outdated software, which must be updated immediately if you want to fix the major the GOTV error ? No of course ??

How to repair Your decoder is using outdated software and needs to be updated right away, according to GOtv.

Method 1 – The Use of command

1. Disconnect the power cord from your GOtv decoder

2. Also disconnect the gotv cable from the decoder

3. Press and hold P+ button on the decoder while you insert the power cord back into the gotv decoder

3. Keep holding the P+ button until the word “CODE” appears on the TV screen

4. Once it appears, remove your hand from the P+ and press the P- three times and P+ buttons once on the decoder (not on the remote control); 0001 should appear in the CODE spot on the screen.

5. After that, let go of the decoder and watch as the software upgrade download starts and it will only take 22 seconds to complete.

All the channels you subscribed to will be restored, and your GOtv will return to normal.

6. Reconnect the gotv cable to the decoder after that, and enjoy.

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Method 2 – Simply contact GOtv customer care

If after applying step one and couldn’t find solution, then, you might need to contact GOtv customer service.

When you call GOtv’s customer service line, it could take a while before an agent picks up. You will be need to restart your decoder even if they do.

Give it some time; it will absolutely work; switch it off and back on; in a few minutes, the error screen will vanish, and all of the stations you have subscribed to will begin to show.

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