2023 Election: Let the youth vote for Peter Obi – Atiku

2023 Election: Let the youth vote for Peter Obi - Atiku
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Atiku Abubakar, the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has urged Nigerian youths to go ahead and vote Peter Obi in the forthcoming general elections.2023 Election: Let the youth vote for Peter Obi - Atiku

Atiku delivered the message loud and clear while speaking to BBC, in a video currently trending on several social media platforms, adding that the Labour Party candidate – Peter Obi has no structure in Nigeria.

Nigerian youths have been vocal in their support for the LP candidate – Mr. Obi in the 2023 election and they identify themselves as “OBIdients” on social media.

Lets be realistic, where is Labour Party in this country? Where is the structure? No single member of Local government. No state assembly, no house of representatives, no senate, no governor, no LGA chairman, no nothing” – Atiku said.

Atiku continued by emphasizing;

Fine, they are starting, its not bad to start. But you can not start and at the same time be at the top.

Yet when asked if it appeared that Peter Obi of the Labour Party was well-liked by young people in the country, Atiku responded in the negative.

Ok, let the youth vote for them, it’s their right.” Atiku said.


For a very long time now, Atiku has been dismissing the efforts and ambition of his opponent from the Labour Party (LP), Peter Obi.

Recall that in June of last year, Atiku declared that Mr. Obi made a grave decision by defecting to the Labour Party and that, as a result, he has little opportunity of winning the 2023 presidential election.

Right before leaving the PDP, Mr. Obi, who is the leader of the LP, ran for president under the PDP’s platform.

Three days prior to the PDP’s presidential primary, he left the party, mentioning “developments in the party” as his reason.

Just two days remain until the 2023 general elections; will all young people in Nigeria turn out to support the candidate of the Labour Party? Well, Hitvibz urges everyone to vote wisely.

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