Dele Momodu officially declares interest in 2023 presidency

Dele Momodu officially declares interest in 2023 presidency
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Bashorun Dele Momodu, the CEO of Ovation Media Group, has disclosed his intention to run for 2023 presidency under the platform of Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP).Dele Momodu officially declares interest in 2023 presidency

Momodu revealed this while presenting a letter of interest to the party’s National Chairman in Abuja,

Remember that in October 2021, the seasoned journalist joined the PDP.

He announced the news in a statement on his social media platforms.

Dele Momodu’s statement read;

It is with a deep sense of responsibility and commitment to a unified and developed Nigeria that I have decided to re-enter the political arena and join the fray of active politicking again,” the statement reads.
“I have been very frustrated about the state of our country and the manner the ruling party APC has virtually returned and reduced Nigeria to the rubbles of the stone age.
“I have decided to stop my perpetual lamentations and join hands with other patriotic Nigerians to rescue our nation from the brink of a calamitous collapse.
“Therefore, in line with practising what I have preached for a few years now, I believe that only by joining mainstream politics and becoming a member of one of the leading opposition parties can I hope to make such meaningful difference as I have been demanding of others.
“I have consulted widely. And it is clear to me that given the dangerous and disastrous drift that our nation has experienced in the past six years, the only party from which amends can be made to rectify our situation is the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).”


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