Electoral Act Amendment: PDP governors urge NASS to override Buhari’s veto

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Governors of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have asked the National Assembly to consider overriding President Muhammadu Buhari’s veto as one viable option for accomplishing Nigeria’s desired election reform.Electoral Bill: Override Buhari's veto, PDP governors tell NASS

The governors emphasised the need of concluding deliberations on the Electoral Act Amendment Bill at their meeting in Port Harcourt on Monday under the auspices of the PDP Governors Forum, which issued a 9-point communique.

The meeting was called once more to evaluate the numerous difficulties that the federating States, the nation, and the PDP face.

After the meeting, the PDP Governors’ Forum Chairman and Governor of Sokoto State, Rt. Hon. Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, read a communique to journalists, saying that the National Assembly also has the option of deleting areas of complaint in the bill.

The meeting advised that the option of sustaining Mr President’s veto would lead to a quicker resolution. And would deny Mr President the opportunity to once again truncate a reformed Electoral jurisprudence for Nigeria. An early concluded Electoral Act is vital for credible elections,” he said.

The PDP governors also bemoaned the country’s economy’s continuous deterioration under the APC-led Federal Government.

The inconsistent and differential exchange rate regime, high interest rates, unsustainable unemployment figures, and borrowing spree, some of which have not been applied to important projects and other bad economic indicators, according to the communique, have made Nigerians numb and accustomed to bad economic news.Electoral Bill: Override Buhari's veto, PDP governors tell NASS

In particular, it is clear that the APC Government is a massive failure when compared with the records of PDP in government. The PDP handed over a $550 billion economy (the largest in Africa), but under APC, Nigeria is the Poverty Capital of the world.”
In 2015, under PDP, the exchange rate was N198 per Dollar, it is now under APC almost N500 to a Dollar; In 2015, unemployment rate was 7.3% under PDP, it is now 33%, one of the highest in the world under APC; In 2015, the Pump price of Petroleum was N87 per litre, it is now N165 per litre and climbing under APC. Debt Servicing now under APC takes over 98% of the Federal budget. The tales of woe is endless.”

The PDP Governors also stated that the administration of Federation Account remittances and the management of oil and gas resources have remained opaque, complex, and non-transparent.


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