Rivers Taskforce vehicle crushes two kids, father demands justice

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Hiphzibah and Joshua Opikhara, who were claimed to be by the roadside after Easy Motors Bus Stop, Aba Road, were crushed by a vehicle carrying four Rivers State taskforce members.Two kids crushed by Rivers Taskforce vehicle, father demands justice

At a media briefing on Wednesday, Segun Opikhara, the father of the children, called on local government officials and the state government to find the taskforce members responsible for the act.

Though the driver who hit the children has not been located, a traumatized Opikhara informed journalists in Port Harcourt on Wednesday that one of the taskforce members was detained by a traffic officer, and the bus was confiscated and transported to Mini-Okoro Police Division.

He expressed regret that the taskforce officials’ carelessness resulted in the deaths of his children, claiming that one of the children died quickly and the other died the next day in the hospital.Two kids crushed by Rivers Taskforce vehicle, father demands justice

I am the father of the children that were killed by a mini bus that was chasing another bus. From findings, I knew that they were taskforce members from Obio/Akpor. My children were standing by the roadside, watching their right to cross the road, when the mini bus that was conveying four taskforce members hit them,” he said.

Mr Opikhara added;

I was in my office when I was called. Before I rushed down, my daughter was already gone. I rushed her to the clinic not believing she was dead.”

He further stressed;

My son also was taken to the hospital. He didn’t get himself and also died the next day. I am appealing to the taskforce management, the police and the government to fish out these people that killed my beloved children.”


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